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Through the free markr app your visitors engage with your virtual signs to discover events, culture and locations with content created by you.

All-in-one online scheduling software

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For Freelancers

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For Businesses

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markr provides a complete system for the creation, publication and management of geolocated virtual signage – displayed in the users own language.
Guide visitors and locals around your area and provide them with important and interesting information while creating a direct engagement with your brand.
markr is highly sustainable as it uses no resources or materials and requires no services and maintenance.
Connect with your vistors in their language
publish instantly
Place MarkRs anywhere in the world
Links to external information
DIY or Serviced options

Make Your Markr

Login and choose Navigational, Event or Point of Interest templates and upload your content.

Navigational markrs use the placement map (see below) to select the destinations you want listed.
  • Simply click on the map to create a destination.
  • The markr system calculates the route, direction and distance.
  • Choose one of our standard icons for visual aids.
  • markrs can be placed and moved as often as you like on the interactive map.
The web app allows you to generate your own markrs from our templates and edit them in real time.

Select the location of the MarkR and the destinations you want to take people to.

Upload your images, decide the start and finish time, add links to more information, videos or ticket purchases.

markr does the rest.
The free app allows the user to find nearby markrs in the language of their device.

Increase the engagement of people in your community.

Locals, tourists, visitors and others are all hungry for in-context information.

markr displays in the user’s language.


Markrs from
AUD $ 100
per month

Sign up and create your own Markr, free for one month.
For information on pricing for multiple Markrs or enterprise rates please contact us.