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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the markr FAQ and send us a message if you need more info.
What are augmented reality markrs?

The free markr app takes the geo-location of the user and asks markr what is available near the location.
The app then shows the user the navigation, point of interest or event info in augmented reality just by holding up the phone.
The bridge between real world and virtual world is now established and users interact with the markr to take them where they want to go based on what our subscribers want to show them.

How do navigation signs work?

When a markr is showing you a destination point and telling you how far away it is, just touch the destination and it will drop down to the device's local mapping software with all the info you need to be taken there.

When will markr be available in my city?

We are available globally now!

Ask your local organisations when they will be publishing their info on markr. We are great for...
- Way-finding
- Tourism
- Events
- Arts
- Historical
- Cultural
- Architectural
- Public Information
- Emergency Services
- Trail Based Education

How do I buy tickets to an event through markr?

When you see a the option to buy tickets on a markr just touch the text. That will take you directly to the website for that specific event.

Who can publish AR signs on the markr network?

Anyone can publish markrs using our templates but they must comply with our terms of service to publish appropriate content for public use.

We are designed for trusted content publishers.